Online vs. In Store

Online shopping has quickly become one of the preferred methods of shopping for everybody with internet access. Regardless where in the planet you may be located, with this shopping method is possible to purchase a wide arrange of products from anywhere in the world with just a clicks in real time.

One of the factors that has made online stores so popular is that they evoke the experience of buying products of any kind on a bick and mortar store, but without the hassle of going to the actual store. This process in commonly called B2C or Business to Customer and it’s one of the most popular forms of e-commerce utilized nowadays.

Some of the main conveniences that online stores like offer is that they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year around, and since nowadays a majority of consumers have internet access on both their homes and work places, the process of shopping can be done quickly and without even taking a quick trip.

Another advantage that sites like this offer (and online stores in general) is that in order to sell their products they must include an accurate description of the products on sale, including text, photos and multimedia files. But what really makes them stand out in comparison to brick and mortar stores is that customers who have previously bought the item can rate and review it, helping customers to decide whether the product is a good option for them or not.

A point of sale solution will work in the same way offline as it does online, but there are certain devices that are required in order to complete the transaction. A product that is added to a shopping cart through an online store has to be scanned using a barcode scanner in a physical store. The product id and cost are captured for a final tally. Credit card payments are processed differently as well, customers simply type in their credit card number in the online checkout area whereas the the card itself is swiped through a credit card reader to capture all the required data in a real store. The final step is either an invoice that is emailed to the customer on the web or a printed sales receipt using a sales receipt printer in an actual store. All of these devices work together in the same way as an ecommerce checkout process, all you have to do is connect them to your computer with a USB port and transactions will be processed at the same time.

Finally, the most noticeable advantage that sites like offer is that the prices they offer are considerably lower. The reason of this is because to contrary to brick and mortar stores, the cost of running an online store is considerably lower. Another reason of their prices being lower is that online stores are able to seek out deals with many different vendors, reducing the price the customer may end up paying.

The main idea behind online shopping is to offer a great selection of products, suitable for every need you can think of. There are even specialized online stores that offer their customer products for specific needs, such as online pet stores, online clothing stores and more. However, the most popular ones are still stores like that offer an assorted variety of products.





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